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Low cost water products

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions for water access in Malawi.

Our low-cost household and irrigation pumps are designed to empower communities by offering convenient and affordable access to clean water.

An image of a household/domestic pump being used by a lady.

Domestic pump

Bringing convenience to household water supply

Designed to sit on top of a closed well with a protective metal covering around the wheel, our pump prevents contamination and ensures the water remains clean. With just a simple turn of the handle, users can draw clean water effortlessly. Additionally, the pump can be installed metres away from the user's home, allowing their family and neighbours to benefit from convenient access to safe water.

Our household pumps bring convenience to families by providing easy access to domestic water. Our pumps reduce average distances from 500m to just 11m, reducing the need for long journeys to collect water. This saves valuable time for education and livelihood activities, allowing families to thrive.

By investing in locally-sourced assets, communities can reduce their dependence on external aid and take control of their water supply.

Irrigation pump

Supporting farmer-led irrigation Development

Smallholder agriculture is the predominant form of farming in much of the developing world yet potential is not met due to lack of access to water for irrigation. We address the barriers of farmer-led irrigation (FLID) being expensive, unavailable locally and of poor quality.

Subdised model - outlay is recovered within 12 months

Designed in conjunction with Malawian farmers and produced in Lilongwe

High quality materials and backed up with Repair & Maintenance services

This simple rope-and-washer pump sits over an open well and draws water from the ground allowing the user to easily irrigate your crops. This can be installed on the farm land but includes a hose attachment, meaning farmers can irrigate an entire crop with minimal physical input.

creating sustainable change together

Work with us

By 2027 we aim to reach 1.25 million people with sustainable water services, achieve financial viability and foster economic growth. Your expertise, support, and partnership have the potential to propel our vision forward. Together, we can break barriers, pioneer new and lasting solutions for communities in need.